It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Invisible College, formerly the New Alexandria Academy.  Herein lies the opportunity for you, the intrepid visitor, to learn about some of the great subjects and questions of our age, and more importantly, to explore and form questions of your own.  This college is a place for enrichment and enlightenment, for both student and teacher.  
In the weeks and months to come, you will see this college page gradually expanding.  At the moment, I am creating curricula for courses, and sources for students to utilize.  The main purpose is to present you with an opportunity to study a variety of topics, some fairly conventional disciplines, and many topics which one might otherwise not be able to study in a conventional setting, all under my tutelage.
Courses of study will be based on readings of classic texts and other sources, generally, an assignment per course, and interaction with your instructor, me.  Topics of study will include, but will certainly not be limited to the following:
American History          Religious studies
Anthropology                Pagan History
Archaeology                 Religious History
Angelology                   Parahistory
Biblical Studies            Paranormal Studies
Biblical Prophecy         Vampirology
Biblical History              Parapolitics
Christian History           Secret Societies
Classical Studies           Ancient Mysteries
Comparative Religion   Pre-Columbian America
Demonology                 Ghost Lore
Eschatology                  Western Civilization
Folklore                         **also, tailored courses
Mythology                       and directed studies
Philosophy                       will be available

It is my sincere hope that you find useful knowledge here, and that you may make good use of it.  Whether you choose to enroll in courses, or utilize this college page's resources, I trust you will not be disappointed.  Please read on for more information.  Godspeed.
                                                      Judd H. Burton

The Invisible College exists to offer learning opportunities in a variety of unique and sometimes unusual subjects.  One might think of it as a grass roots educational institution.  Its function is the dissemination and acquisition of knowledge, with an emphasis on classical methods in the learning process.  The College provides students with quality instruction with the purpose of giving them exposure to an array of liberal arts and esoterica.  All who seek to learn and gain knowledge are welcome here.


One of the things that you might be asking yourself is "why another online school," or "why do we need another school?"  A major shortcoming of contemporary education, especially in the public realm, is its reliance on the state.  Education was never intended to be an instrument of the state, nor was it supposed to be reliant on the state for either approval or policy.  Somewhere along the line, during the process of the democritization of education in this country, we lost sight of what education is supposed to do, and what methods work in the teaching of those objectives.  Genuine education, and the process of teaching, is supposed to instill a love of learning, which in turn, allows one to teach oneself, for none of us ever stop learning.  It is absolutely necessary for the sustenance of life.
The Invisible College is a cyber academy.  It combines the nature of the Library of Alexandria, the classical educational style of the Greek academy, and the functions of the 19th century Lyceum.  As such, this college is a venue in which students may explore subjects both natural and supernatural in the style of classical instruction and mentoring.
The term "invisible college" was an idea that arose in seventeenth century Europe.  It consisted of networks of scholars sharing their findings via letters.  Since then, its usage has extended to not only scholars of conventional knowledge, but also esoterica, and their exchange of ideas.  In essence, an invisible college is a grass roots educational system related, in many ways, to the old guilds of medieval and Renaissance Europe, and is led by and comprised of independent scholars.
Therefore, the Invisible College operates with no inerference from the state.  There is no need for accreditation because it is not a conventional institution, college, or university.  The college is in the learning process together, working to sharpen one another.  Here we embrace knowledge for knowledge sake, and the right to procure it.




*6.24.08-Be on the lookout for course offerings.  Course packets will be available soon!

*FREE CLASS!  The Invisible College offers a free trial course that allows prospective students to sample the class offerings.  Try the course ROMAN RELIGION:  A BRIEF SURVEY today for FREE.  Just go to the CATALOG page or click on the above course title for more information. 

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